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LMAX Group

With CEO David Mercer

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cover interview

Instant FX Settlement

How soon will it be possible?

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market commentary

Guiding FX through the Regulatory Compliance maze

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Electronic FX in Latin America

Gearing up for a decade of growth ahead

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regional spotlight

Benchmarked Execution

Encouraging participation

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trading operations

Level 1 and Level 2 Crypto Assets

Solving the Fair Value challenge

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An exciting FX growth story

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Sibos 2019

Looking back at the FX day in London

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Trading FX On Exchanges

Compelling alternatives to OTC strategies

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fx on exchanges

meet the team

Invast Global:
The perfect blend of Eastern & Western expertise

Invast Global is an award-winning multi-asset class prime broker based in Sydney, Australia. We spoke to Gavin White, CEO of the company to discover more about why his division of the group has been performing so strongly and what roles his highly experienced executive team are playing.

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FX Connect

Exploring the newly enhanced platform for FX execution, portfolio management and streamlined global operations

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Spark Systems

Singapore-based financial technology company Spark Systems provides innovative solutions for foreign exchange trading across Asia.

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fintech provider profile

Broctagon Fintech Group

The FX and cryptobrokerage provider

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provider review


Bringing increased fairness and equality to FX

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industry report

Addressing six questions

Why FX market participants need to ask these

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product spotlight


Why firms across the Capital Markets are showing increasing interest

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Liquidity management

Exploring the benefits of Disclosed Liquidity Pools

By Richard Perona, VP of Institutional FX at Advanced Markets

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