FX White Labeling – delivering a branded, secure and scalable infrastructure

With the help of Anthony Edwards from CMC Partners, e-Forex brings representatives from three major banks to discuss the future of White Labeling and their own offerings.

Allan McKenzie, Lars Christensen, Jon Barker, Anthony EdwardsWhite Labelling provides enhanced services through a branded, secure, scalable platform infrastructure and demand for it has been growing substantially.With the help of Anthony Edwards from CMC Partners, e-Forex has asked representatives from three leading FX banks, Allan McKenzie, Head of Business Development, Global FX at Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, Lars Christensen, CEO of Saxobank and Jon Barker, Citigroup FX e-Commerce project manager, CitiFX White Label, to discuss key attributes of white labelling solutions.Why do you think banks are increasingly seeking to white label? Is it primarily because it’s just an easy way to increase trading volumes? How successful has this been to date?McKenzie: Technology has made the process of transacting highly commoditised products such as cash FX very cost effective. It is a natural extension of the ‘outsourcing’ concept currently being adopted by many...continued

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