Reuters 3000 Xtra available for Thin Client deployment

Reuters recently announced that its flagship premium information product, Reuters 3000 Xtra is available for deployment in a thin client environment. The move to release 3000 Xtra in a thin client environment - a centrally managed server farm that runs main applications, with end users requiring only lightweight desktops - supports financial institutions' need to lower total cost of ownership while maintaining the flexibility and full features of Reuters 3000 Xtra.Thin client deployment provides many benefits including a lower total cost of ownership, lower deployment risk and the ability to access 3000 Xtra remotely. To support financial institutions' thin client deployment of Reuters 3000 Xtra, Reuters has signed an agreement with HP under which HP Services is the preferred vendor to provide the related thin client consultation services. The agreement enables Reuters customers to take advantage of thin client services and support offerings from HP....continued

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