Farid Naib CEO of FNX Limited
Farid Naib CEO of FNX Limited

The ASP Model – fertilising the growth of eFX.

The ASP software delivered model might have failed to live up to early promises in many industries but not so in FX says Farid Naib, who believes this delivery mechanism for many current eFX services has been overlooked. He goes on to outline the ben

Almost unnoticed in the current proliferation of eFX services has been the delivery mechanism for these services. Firms rolling out eFX trading applications are increasingly turning to ASP delivered software packages, a marked departure from the traditional in house developed or licensed application that has been historically utilized by previous order management systems. This marks one of the first wide spread uses of an ASP delivered model, a model that in other industries has failed to live up to early promises.The financial technology space makes an ideal environment for ASP solutions, characterized as it is by complex processing systems, rigid needs for reliability, and rapid innovation - all of which set the ideal environment for an ASP.Many eFX delivered ASP solutions are in place now, running the gamut from providing just the trading platform hooked into a proprietary in-house trading system to full software and back office clearing operations in a white labeled environment, a blend of ASP delivered...continued

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