Jeffery Larsen is CEO of ICor Brokerage Inc.
Jeffery Larsen is CEO of ICor Brokerage Inc.

Trading FX Options on-line. Here to stay?

Jeff Larsen notes that many in the past have maintained that FX Options were too complicated to move online. However the growing success of a number of electronic trading platforms goes against the face of past resistance towards market acceptance.

First Published: e-Forex Magazine 10 / Features / April 2003

The introduction of the latest advances in trading technology to the market invariably ushers in fresh debate over which products will move on-line and which products won’t. And with equal consistency, financial trade professionals divide themselves between those who believe electronic trade technology can be applied everywhere - and the skeptics who don’t.Over 20 years ago the Chicago commodity exchanges prospered with traders buying and selling commodities with one another in a decidedly non high-tech manner. The traders stood in pits waving their hands signifying “what”, “how much” and “at what price” to buy or sell with each other. A board boy would then write the traded prices on a chalkboard for all to see. Yes. A board boy!Years later, when there were discussions that these markets were “ready to move on-line”, floor traders offered all kinds of arguments...continued

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