Digitec enhances D-3

Pricing SystemDigitec is enhancing its D-3 Pricing System. D-3 is used for calculation and distribution of real time FX and MM rates and solves all of the various problems of quoting reliable forward prices 24 hours a day. Key features include:• Plausibility checks and filters ensure always correct rates.• Arbitrage features compare FX rates with IRS, FRAs and MM futures.• Interfaces export these rates real-time to other platforms and systems.• Permanent holiday calendars cover more than 100 currencies.• Graphical displays show arbitrage opportunities.D-3 increases the reliability of prices using a wide variety of comparisons, checks and rules concurrently. Traders only needs to define spreads or skews for the various export interfaces. More and more banks are now planning to replace their existing rate engines based on spread sheets. The D-3 Pricing System is a very good alternative to a long and costly in-house development....continued

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