Rabobank Treasury develops IFRS Toolkit

To assist clients facing the IFRS Reporting Requirements, Rabobank has developed an IFRS Toolkit. The central feature of the Toolkit is a portfolio overview with appropriate IFRS Classification and Valuation of all Treasury Products.Both real time and historic values (essential for EoY Reporting and proving Hedge Effectiveness) can be viewed and exported. All deals done with Rabobank are automatically recorded; third party deals can be entered manually. The Toolkit also offers a Library function which serves as a basis for background reading on IFRS.The IFRS Toolkit will be launched this Summer and will be available for all Treasury clients via Rabobank’s Treasury Portal http://www.RaboTreasuryWeb.com. Later this year additional features can be expected: a Risk Assessment Function to reveal the real FX and Interest rate risks of a portfolio and online access to Rabobank’s solutions for unwanted volatility in the IFRS P&L statement....continued

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