Summit helps SEB improve risk monitoring

SEB Merchant Banking has selected Summit Systems' treasury and capital markets solution to help consolidate risk monitoring for several desks into one single platform. The deal means that Summit's solution expands from focusing on derivatives at the Bank, to provide coverage across different asset classes, processing a wide range of trades from FX to futures, FRAs and swaps. The solution will include Summit’s real-time analytics framework providing immediate information updates on the position and exposure of any trade.With Summit’s real-time market risk analysis, SEB will be able to identify and capture market and arbitrage opportunities quickly for the most efficient and cheapest hedging strategies. Further analytics provided by Summit include real-time P&L decomposition and gap analysis. Christophe Ensarguet, Summit’s sales manager for SEB, adds: “Not only is SEB expanding its use of Summit, it has also committed itself to moving to our...continued

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