Technology - opening up FX Prime Brokerage to a wider audience

FXall examines what type of FXPB technology and tools will open up the product to a wider audience.

Prime brokerage has become one of the fastest growing products in the global foreign exchange markets. From its low-key inception in the early nineties, as semi-formalised ‘give-up’ arrangements between a handful of financial institutions, it has become a banking service in its own right, provided by banks as a core part of their foreign exchange offering. Today, some 125 organisations* rely on prime brokers to process transactions and manage credit relationships.Demand fuelled by FXall technologyThe introduction of technology to fully automate the give-up process in real-time, providing a complete audit trail and facilitating compliance, has helped accelerate adoption of FX prime brokerage by banks and customers. The market leader in multibank FX trading and confirmation, FXall has led the way by introducing an industry solution for prime brokerage messaging – enabling participants to fully automate the prime brokerage process with counterparties through a...continued

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