ACM adds new currency pairs

Nicholas BangExecutive Director & partner of ACM says, ”Our client base has grown exponentially over the last year since Refco acquired majority ownership of ACM. As a result we have seen increased demand for new currency pairs and precious metals. In the following days we will be adding Spot Gold and Silver in addition to USDMEX, EURNOK, CHFNOK and GBPNOK in the first instance and soon to be followed by 20 to 30 or so other currency crosses”. The new release will bring the amount of available currency pairs to 23. ACM confirms that all new currencies will be executable with the exact same methodology the company has supplied up to now, namely with the tightest spreads possible, without any request for quote or any slippage.Geneva based ACM Advanced Currency Markets part of the Refco group of companies will be adding several new currency pairs and precious metals to it’s online dealing platform....continued

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