Richard Enfield Director of Product Management at Charles River Development
Richard Enfield Director of Product Management at Charles River Development

eFX & Asset Managers

FX Automation: It’s not about “electronic” it’s about “workflow” The key is for asset managers and technology providers to partner and leverage technologies says Richard Enfield which will help create an implementable workflow.

First Published: e-Forex Magazine 18 / FOCUS / April 2005

Equity firms in the securities industry have long taken advantage of the available electronic technology to manage high trade volumes, improve workflows, achieve operational efficiencies and reduce trading costs. Over the past year, similar uptake has started to occur with fixed income firms. It is therefore not surprising to see the beginnings of FX automation as major players begin to examine their own workflows for potential improvements - especially when pressure is brought to bear on all aspects of the organization to improve performance and reduce costs. Unfortunately, FX trading and the automation of its operations have long been the poor stepchild in many firms. As a result, disconnected and risk-laden manual processing is still the norm and many opportunities for automating a straight through process are lost.The opportunities for efficiency begin right at the start of the trading cycle during the analysis and rebalancing of client accounts. This process creates the need to either re-hedge the...continued

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