Katrin Lütjens Senior Product Manager at 360 Treasury Systems AG   (360T)
Katrin Lütjens Senior Product Manager at 360 Treasury Systems AG (360T)

FX White Labelling - questions from the sell-side

First Published: e-Forex Magazine 18 / The e-Forex Surgery / April, 2005

We are a fairly small financial institution who need to deploy FX technology but don’t wish to make a substantial investment in developing our own e-trading platform. Should we consider choosing a technology vendor or another bank to supply a purpose built e-commerce platform?A convenient and seemingly cheap solution are a number of white label offerings from individual market makers, also known as the ‘bank-for-banks’ model. Some proprietary single-bank trading platforms allow multi-level roll out, meaning that smaller banks or large buy-side organisations can roll out a secondary layer of this bank’s trading platform under their individual name and logo to their own clients or internal subunits. While at first glance the feature provides a value added service – often free of charge – it can be argued that such deep vertical integration with their clients’ internal processes helps large financial institutions to consolidate their role as your 'default'...continued

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