Michael J. Felix Director of Marketing, Townsend Analytics, Ltd.
Michael J. Felix Director of Marketing, Townsend Analytics, Ltd.

Open Access and unbiased flexibility for Forex Traders sets RealTick apart

First Published: e-Forex Magazine 18 / Viewpoint / April 2005

With a daily $1.9 trillion, round-the-clock market, e-forex offers unparalleled liquidity and trading opportunities for all levels of traders. And as trading volumes continue to grow exponentially, a variety of niche players are creating new liquidity destinations that market participants can tap into. In turn, traders are seeking flexibility, speed, automation, and innovation on the part of their electronic trading platforms so they may participate in multiple venues with ease.Meeting an increasing demand for trading power and tools, with choice of brokerWhether looking to diversify their portfolios, hedge, or simply switch to an asset class with more favorable returns, participants with wide-ranging trading experience in other asset classes now trade e-forex. Used to having an arsenal of trading options and real-time research and analysis tools at their command, this new generation of e-forex traders demands that their forex trading platform offer the same power. And many have turned to a trusted ally...continued

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