Traiana hosts Harmony Forum

Traiana Harmonyâ„¢, the industry standard for managing give up transactions in foreign exchange, continues to build momentum. Traiana has added new members to the network and has also added new capabilities to the inter bank messaging hub. This March Traiana hosted two user forums, in New York and London. Representatives from over thirty firms heard Traiana announce support for FX Options, as well as enhanced connectivity solutions, seamlessly linking Harmony into their line of business systems.Harmony was initially created through an industry initiative. It was founded by leading FX Prime Brokers, Deutsche Bank, AIG Trading, JPMorganChase and Traiana, the leading provider of FX tri-party trading solutions. Since the launch of the Harmony service in the fall of 2003 the number of participants has grown to over 20 banks and ECNs, representing the overwhelming majority of the give up flow in Foreign Exchange. Banks can connect to Harmony directly to automatically send and receive Give-Ups, or...continued

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