Godfried De Vidts President, ACI
Godfried De Vidts President, ACI

How far can electronic trading go?

Godfried De Vidts looks at the prospect of machines taking over some of the basic trading functions.

The human race has the ability to take charge of its own destiny. This has proven to be detrimental in some cases but at the same time has also been the driving force since the creation of the earth. Financial markets emerged with the first barter trade when man exchanged surplus goods for other needs. In ancient times coins and later on notes have been invented to facilitate trade finance. And yes, at that time the first foreign exchange traders emerged!Long gone are the days when we had to do physical trading to exchange surplus liquidity in one currency for deficits in another as bank transfers are now common around the world. Central banks would also like to see a decrease in the float of currencies in the system as the cost is huge, and black market practises would decrease....continued

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