Christopher L. Cruden
Christopher L. Cruden

Insch Capital

e-Forex talks with Christopher Cruden.

Christopher, it’s been 4 years since you last contributed an article in e-Forex, when you were Managing Director of Tamiso & Co LLC, a New York based Currency Manager. You’ve recently decided to devote all of your energy to the development of your own company, Insch Capital Management AG, based in Switzerland. What’s taken you in this direction? Having specialized in currency management within the Alternative Investment Industry for 20 years, I rather think I may have learned a thing or two. Crucially, I’m still motivated to learn and package the product of my (occasionally) expensive education for the benefit of clients. Bob Tamiso was, and is, a role model for me. In terms of trading, he used to say “sometimes a diamond, sometimes a stone” and that trading was how he defined himself. That’s true for me. Sometimes it’s hard and sometimes it’s rewarding. ...continued

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