Heather McLean Freelance writer.
Heather McLean Freelance writer.

Real-Money Managers talk Digital FX

Heather McLean talks to a variety of managers to see how eFX technology is helping them succeed.

Peter Panholzer“an e-platform is the difference between having a car and having to travel by foot”Real money managers are using electronic trading to get ahead in the foreign exchange market. This group of traders are working with cash in one of the most complex markets around. To do well, real money managers have to have their fingers on the pulse of the market and they need to do their work quickly. And eFX technology is helping them succeed.“An e-platform is an incredible event that’s happened over the last 20 years,” Peter Panholzer, chief executive officer at Dynex Corporation, states. “It’s the difference between having a car and having to travel by foot. I do not believe I could trade the volume I do, without an eFX platform.”Clients benefit from The Boston Company trading FX electronically as the company is able to put its FX trades out into a more competitive environment, Larry...continued

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