By Frances Maguire
By Frances Maguire

Leveraging local expertise and liquidity strategies to provide comprehensive e-commerce and e-FX services

Frances Maguire discovers how banks are using their own regional expertise to rapidly expand their e-FX services in key emerging markets.

First Published: e-Forex Magazine 27 / FOCUS / April 2007

Instead of playing catch-up, Frances Maguire finds that the emerging markets have an opportunity to build newer and faster infrastructures to facilitate online trading, while the banks are using their own regional expertise to rapidly expand their e-FX services.The levels of sophistication in the technological infrastructures being built in the emerging markets varies greatly and in many cases, especially in Asia, some countries are leapfrogging ahead by building faster connections and telecoms infrastructures using the newest technology available. For other emerging markets, it is the fast growth of a new niche market, such as the availability of smaller currencies online, which is driving new opportunities for financial institutions and corporates.Customer demand is pushing banks to steadily increase the number of currencies available for online trading as well as making FX derivatives available as these new markets take-off, while the volatility of lesser traded currencies is enabling banks to promote...continued

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