Nick Pratt
Nick Pratt

The Internet: Can it really meet the future demands of e-FX?

Nicholas Pratt sets out to discover whether there is a finite level to the internet’s capacity to support the future demands of e-FX.

The internet has revolutionised communication and become a vital distribution channel and delivery mechanism for the financial services industry. But when it comes to trading execution and the delivery of mission-critical data, is there a finite level to the internet’s capacity? Nicholas Pratt investigates.All the indications are that the demands for capacity in the future of the electronic trading of FX will only increase. The need for low latency is spreading beyond the requirements of a high-frequency trading elite to more of the mainstream, and this is likely to serve as a reminder of the limitations of the internet when it comes to the speed of connectivity. The internet will by and large get you a connection wherever and whenever it is needed, but it may not necessarily be the quickest way to get there.On the other side of the debate is the adage that necessity is the mother of invention and if the internet needs to increase its capacity, then it will. If more bandwidth is needed then...continued

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