Trading from a chart with Trade Companion and BGC

Automated trading has been around for approximately fifteen years and is certainly nothing new to the financial markets, but with the growth of liquidity and the accessibility of tight pricing, foreign exchange more than anything has become both more attractive and readily available to today’s finance savvy investor. This has created an explosion in growth within the foreign exchange automated trading market which looks set to continue. e-Forex talks with Franco Dimuccio from Trade Companion, an authorised reseller of Tradestation Technologies, which has linked up with the liquidity provider BGC, about their latest Automated trading and API solutions for the foreign exchange industry.Can you tell us about Trade Companion?Trade Companion is an automated trading tool designed to help assist FX market participants automate their strategies into a multi-bank platform and, is designed to be a flexible product which can be used to meet the needs of institutional and retail clients. It has the...continued

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