John Bates Founder and General Manager, Apama Division, Progress Software
John Bates Founder and General Manager, Apama Division, Progress Software

Leveraging Complex Event Processing for Algorithmic Trading in FX

John Bates discusses the new technology of Complex Event Processing (CEP) and how it can be deployed successfully to address key business drivers within the FX market.

Over the last year, a strong business case for automating foreign exchange trading has continued to drive the adoption of advanced trading technology. The FX market is characterized by fragmented liquidity - caused by an ever-growing set of liquidity pools and ever-increasing volatility. Within this environment, a growing number of firms are interested in lowering the cost and enhancing the profitability of FX trading, using techniques such as algorithmic trading. This interest can range from augmenting spot desks with automated trading systems that execute trades and manage positions, to high frequency algorithms that seek out and act instantly on trading opportunities in the fragmented liquidity environment. In the high frequency world, traders realize that algorithms must act on opportunities before an increasing number of competitors who are aiming to get there first. This growing interest in trading automation comes at the same time as managing trading risk is very much at the fore-front of...continued

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