New GFI FENICS Enterprise

The second quarter of 2008 will see the release of GFI FENICS Enterprise, a suite of server components for the complete life-cyle of foreign exchange derivatives transactions. It comes out of GFI's award-winning FENICS FX, pricing and risk management software used by many banks worldwide. GFI FENICS Reporting Service, one of the server components of GFI FENICS Enterprise "FENICS Enterprise will give our clients the ability to choose how their users view and receive FENICS Prices, either via FENICS desktop, or via a web front end of their design, or using an out-of-the-box application.” said Richard Brunt - GFI's global head of sales for FENICS sales. "It can be fully integrated with the client's proprietary market data, math models, and connected via the STP API to third party systems. FENICS Enterprise will deliver scalability as our clients' business grows, allowing deployment across multi sites to internal and external users.”   ...continued

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