Systematic Trading Technologies: changing the behaviour of the FX market

Stephane Leroy, Head of global Sales & Marketing at QuantHouse discusses how various types of trading technology are facilitating the evolution away from discretionary trading.

There has been an ongoing revolution in trading since the first exchanges went fully electronic back in the 1990s. At that time, screen-based trading applications began to be created to meet the needs of users regarding reliability, speed and volumes. Those applications rapidly covered a wide scope of work in order to enhance day to day tasks related to market data processing, market research, risk management, order management and clearing and settlement. More than a decade ago, full end-to-end automatic financial processes like electronic trading, black box trading, algorithmic trading, automatic execution engines and direct market data feeds were concepts on which a few leading edge experts were working. Program-based trading innovators were already showing the path along which trading technologies would ultimately evolve. Recent modifications such as the combination of regulatory changes, technology’s rapid evolution and new trading needs are forcing the financial community to change at an even...continued

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