Joel Arnold
Joel Arnold

Automated Forex Trading Systems: Performing transactions in the Forex Market

The Internet has provided the means for an increasing multitude of people to trade the forex market. In addition to facilitating their ability to trade foreign exchange, the Internet has also made possible a growing variety of automated forex trading system and forex signal generation software programs.

Automatic Forex Robots Forex robots effectively determine entry and exit points for forex trading plan transactions. Then, depending on the amount of risk a trader wishes to assume, the automated forex robot will size positions and initiate trades. The robot will then manage risk by placing liquidating orders according to a pre-determined set of technical parameters. The market conditions which the automated trading systems observe to decide when to trade are usually based on technical analysis factors and indicators. Basically, signals for buying and selling get generated when certain technical criteria occur. How the Robot Initiates Positions For example, suppose that a new high has been made in the exchange rate of the Euro versus the U.S. Dollar (EUR/USD). Since the robot monitors the market continuously while running, depending on the trading plan the software has programmed with and its particular parameter settings, the forex robot may be triggered into action. Once the software has determined...continued

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