CoreVG - helping to amplify market making profits.

Varengold, the German investment bank, has recently launched an enhanced flow and risk management tool - CoreVG for brokers that enables them to amplify and leverage their market making profits. The company’s CEO Yasin Sebastian Qureshi, tells e-Forex more about this product and the growth of the firms institutional offerings.

Why did Varengold decide to launch CoreVG? The advantage of our proprietary Risk Management tool is that it allows brokers to identify, select, manage, multiply and leverage profitable client order flows and automatically execute upon them. Four years ago we expanded our brokerage business and were one of the first within Germany to offer FX trading via MetaTrader 4 to clients. With our background as a systematic CTA we put great emphasis on Risk Management and automation, with a strong focus on Research and Development. An early major project was to evaluate the different trading accounts and use them as qualified trade signals and this was the moment of birth for CoreVG. We quickly noticed the high demand within the FX broker industry for this software solution, especially as our tools’ robustness, usability and transparency is of great advantage. In essence brokers are able to amplify their market making revenues by using profitable client orders and execute multiples of it at the market. What...continued

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