With Andrew Ralich, Co-Founder and CEO of oneZero Financial Systems, a leading provider of low latency software systems for the financial markets.

Andrew, when oneZero was launched a few years ago you perceived a gap between the market and technology. How has your firm gone about closing that? The retail FX industry was still in a maturing phase when we originally started oneZero. There were a few incumbent technology providers, specifically in the MT4 space, who were gaining considerable traction in terms of client base. What we realized at this time was that, if FX continued to grow at the pace it was, many of the legacy software solutions would not be able to scale to meet the demand. The concepts were there, but the existing providers just weren’t built to meet the performance and stability requirements  of brokers who really caught the wave. We put an extensive amount of focus into building the right foundations for our solutions, the right basis for building large scale enterprise level routing engines and risk management systems. What makes oneZero’s approach to developing routing and STP systems so successful? The right...continued

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