John Miesner Managing Director and Head of Sales at Hotspot FX
John Miesner Managing Director and Head of Sales at Hotspot FX

Hotspot FX Private Label

e-Forex talks with John Miesner, Managing Director and Head of Sales at Hotspot FX, about the launch of Hotspot FX Private Label.

First Published: e-Forex Magazine 47 / Product Launch / April 2012

John, why did Knight Capital decide to launch the Hotspot FX Private Label business line solution? The genesis of a private label offering really came from client demand. We had received numerous inquiries, from existing clients and prospects, asking us to create a competing product.  Active clients were extremely happy with their experience on Hotspot and prospective clients were interested in accessing our robust technology.   Initially we resisted, however the demand was strong enough that we had no choice but to look at the opportunity.  Not only did we feel we could provide a better technology solution, we also felt that we could compete and win on commercial terms. We now have an end-to-end, out-of-the box solution for those clients and prospects that are looking to take advantage of the Hotspot FX software and liquidity. In what ways is Private Label a natural extension of the existing Hotspot FX technology? Since Hotspot FX is an ECN, we understand and already have the technology...continued

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