MBTFX – offering more direct access to multiple liquidity providers

MB Trading recently launched MBTFX, a proprietary Electronic Xrossing Network (EXN) router. We asked CEO Ross Ditlove to tell us more about this product and the benefits of a more transparent FX pricing environment.

Ross, although EXN is a new term that has recently been introduced by MB Trading FX, the technology behind it has been used by the company for some while. So why did you decide to introduce this name? We changed the name because the NFA believed it was confusing, as the term is used primarily for Equities trading. The system is not executing any differently than it did prior to the name change. This is a positive for MB Trading FX as we will now have a new opportunity to distinguish ourselves from our global competition. With such a limited choice for traders to find a fully transparent brokerage, we enjoy any opportunity to tell our story. What is MBTFX and what pricing and best execution benefits does it bring when combined with your EXN? The concept behind the technology is very simple. A trader places a limit order. That order is held on our internally displayed order book for all traders to see, thus fully transparent.  That order may cross with another client or be routed out to a bank or...continued

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