Joe Morgan
Joe Morgan

Unified Messaging: helping to extend FX trading platforms beyond the enterprise

Joe Morgan examines how a new generation of middleware messaging architectures can now be leveraged to help platform developers overcome many of the difficulties in moving real-time FX data across multiple delivery channels.

In an age where technological advances are being driven forward at an increasingly breakneck pace, FX single dealer platforms (SDPs) have emerged as hubs of innovation, feeding data and trade execution services across a growing variety of channels. This is placing growing demands on a new generation of unified messaging middleware to provide real-time FX data across different web applications, mobile trading devices and mission critical systems.  Tom Hayhurst, chief technology officer at Catena Technologies, a boutique trading technology consultancy based in Singapore, says the complex technological challenges facing those building the architecture for FX SDPs today in part have their genesis a decade ago with the transition from telephone-based trading to electronic and automated dealing. “Ten years ago, we started to see platforms which were phone trading for FX moving online to create much more automated and efficient dealing, working on volume,” he says.  Connectivity  An...continued

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