Andrew Ralich
Andrew Ralich

The evolution of Retail e-FX Technology

First Published: e-Forex Magazine 51 / Expert Opinion / April 2013

Over the past 5 years, the popularity of eFX trading among retail participants has continued to grow astronomically. This growth has spawned a deluge of new platforms, back-office systems and liquidity pools catered specifically to the growing number of brokerage firms who are interested in offering eFX to retail traders. Very few brokers have found the right combination of in-house expertise to offer a differentiating internally developed suite of trading tools. Third party platforms, such as MetaTrader4, have cultivated a cross-broker ecosystem and thus become the easiest out-of-the box way to gain the attention of an ever growing base of retail clients around the world. Now, as the retail brokerage space reaches a point of maturity, many brokers have come and gone and some are now looking to their existing setups wondering: “where do we go from here?”. Looking back on how the eFX revolution developed in the institutional space, one can clearly observe the cyclical nature of finance technology....continued

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