Dan Barnes
Dan Barnes

Cost, availability, performance, security - stacking up the benefits of Managed Network and Hosting services in FX

Dan Barnes sets out to discover more about how players across the FX trading spectrum can benefit from Managed Network and Managed Hosting services.

First Published: e-Forex Magazine 74 / Networks, Hosting and Connectivity / December, 2016

Like strata of wildlife on a hot savannah, traders seek out liquidity pools across the FX landscape in different ways and with different motives. Consequently, they are evolving into highly specialised beasts. For some, the emphasis is on finding liquidity reliably, with broader parameters on spreads and speed as a result. Others need to monitor markets every millisecond so sub-millisecond opportunities can be pounced upon. Jay Hibbin, regional sales director for Financial Services in EMEA at CenturyLink says, “There is commonality around access to liquidity. I think for traders, picking a network provider who has got reach to a number of platforms and venues, multi-broker platforms, but also single-source platforms as well, and the big banks is important. So the broader the reach of the network provider the better, and I think that’s across all trading firms.” However at a more nuanced level there are clear specialisations which affect firms’ infrastructure use. For retail...continued

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