Deutsche Bank - Focus on electronic FX Prime Brokerage

Until recently, post-trade activity for FX Prime Brokerage had always been manual. Clients were used to the two step process of trade capture and trade give-up. Deutsche Bank found Prime Brokerage Operations staff were spending 70% of their time booking trades - a highly inefficient use of resources. As a result, Deutsche Bank has created DB eSwitch.DB eSwitch performs the functions of trade matching, allocation and booking in a way that allows Prime Brokerage Operations to monitor the life-cycle of each trade on an exception basis. A critical point of differentiation is that the system receives the give-up data direct from the client trade capture or back office systems. Clients are no longer required to advise the FX Prime Broker of the trade, they just simply book it in their own system. Moreover the client gains greater comfort from the fact that the details delivered to eSwitch are straight from the clients books and records, the ultimate reconciliation. The eSwitch filtering mechanisms display only...continued

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