Alfred Schorno joins 360T

360T®, operator of Cross-Product Multibank Portal TEX® and provider of OTC trading technology, announced that Alfred Schorno has joined the firm as a managing partner. As part of its fast growing operations and regional focus, 360T has been able to win an experienced Global Markets veteran for its management team.Alfred Schornoleading role in 360T’s salesAlfred Schorno will take a leading role in 360T’s sales, marketing and new business development, bringing in his extensive market knowledge and track record. After a total of 12 years for UBS, trading and selling FX, MM, IRDs and bonds, in Zürich, Geneva, New York, and directing the treasury of UBS Luxembourg, Schorno was Global Head of FX at Commerzbank Frankfurt for several years. He has also been a long-term member of the executive committee at EBS Broking Services Limited London. Prior to joining 360T, Alfred Schorno was COO of Commerz Asset Managers, running Commerzbank’s entire...continued

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