Rabobank continues to improve RaboTreasuryWeb

For the past three years Rabobank has offered the corporate market in the Netherlands a unique financial portal based on a business cycle approach. The uniqueness of RaboTreasuryWeb (www.rabotreasuryweb.com) stems from the portal’s provision of real-time market rates as well as a great deal of research material (both qualitative and quantitative), designed to help the client make more informed transaction decisions;The bank has now added the ability to perform transactions on-line and a reconciliation and reporting stage enabling an assessment of the transactions performed and the impact of the most recent market situations. A primary aim of the portal is to provide clients with overall workflow support, creating efficiencies that allow a greater focus on more strategic type issues. In line with Rabobank’s knowledge driven approach, an important objective is also to use it as an information transfer in support of advisory services....continued

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