TraderMade enhances banks’ on-line FX Technical Research

A number of major banks have enhanced their on-line FX advisory services with up-to-date charts from technical analysis service provider, Tradermade International Limited. This technology, called TraderMade WebLink, enables banks’ FX strategists to update and make changes to their chart analysis from any location.With no need to copy-&-paste, all charts are dynamically linked to the bank’s web servers and displayed immediately within the bank’s portal. For banks with a global team of analysts, their charts and commentaries can be updated around the globe, ensuring a consistent and responsive view of the markets around the clock. Since the charts are completely up-to-date and time-stamped, any clients using the bank’s portal to trade FX will benefit from the responsive service of their research teams. TraderMade WebLink enables banks to broadcast intra-day charts and commentaries, which encourages clients to trade more often on shorter-term...continued

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