WebStation Version 2.4 from Moneyline

First Published: e-Forex Magazine 13 / News / January, 2004

Moneyline Telerate will release WebStation Version 2.4 at the end of January 2004. WebStation delivers real-time streaming market data via the Internet within a standard web-browser. With a zero-footprint on the client PC, users can access WebStation and their complete personal profile from anywhere. With a fully customisable front-end display and in-depth navigation, users can quickly and easily see the exact data they need. WebStation DDE also provides streaming real-time and historical data within Microsoft Excel.Version 2.4 introduces many new features and enhancements, including;• Improved data request/response times• Additional charting – new drawing tools• Advanced news filtering – support for Boolean filters• Custom display objects – save your own personalised data display objects• New Symbol Alerts – Movement arrows and symbol indicators for specific events (e.g. News Available)...continued

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