Brian Maccaba is CEO of Cognotec.
Brian Maccaba is CEO of Cognotec.

Where's the demand for FX White Labelling coming from?

Brian Maccaba investigates where the demand for a more sophisticated range of White Labelling solutions is coming from.

Every new innovation requires two separate forces to create a market place success - on the one hand a willing supplier who will invest the technology, capital and managerial talent to turn the innovative concept into a tangible product or quality service - and on the other hand a group of potential customers, who will invest their time, reputation and talents in trialling, and if successful, becoming the early adopters of this new innovation.In other words, it takes two to tango - no amount of willing suppliers can do it by themselves. Much of the publicity about the potential white label revolution in delivering foreign exchange services has been generated by the supply side - the large banks who have built sophisticated integrated trading and risk management capabilities and who wish to improve the return on this investment by increasing the volumes passing over the system. Their economic argument of the benefit to the potential customer, a downstream bank or broker, is that they have built a high fixed...continued

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