Aviv Handler Global head of product strategy at Iris Financial Ltd
Aviv Handler Global head of product strategy at Iris Financial Ltd

Component-based platforms – offering another choice for eFX

Aviv Handler demonstrates how taking an asset-neutral, service-based component approach to trading systems represents a sustainable way of ensuring competitive service in the FX business.

Anyone wanting to trade in today’s FX market is faced with a myriad of fast-moving variables; such as supporting new portal features, demands for new functionality, or required increases in throughput. And with decreasing margins and volumes breaking the $1.5 trillion barrier, it takes a robust system to serve clients - a system that is available 24x7, a system capable of handling high volumes of orders, and one that is able to publish the right rates back to clients with minimum latency.Clients also demand changes to systems at short notice. Whether it’s a GUI change to their web access or new functionality that is required by the markets and portals, that change must be made and rolled out quickly in order to retain their business.For example the recently announced Altair FXAll functionality, such as Money Markets or Quickfill, needs to be supported and integrated with participants systems as soon as possible.To be competitive, service clients and stay in business requires...continued

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