Heather McLean Freelance Journalist
Heather McLean Freelance Journalist

e-Forex Case Study : The Trader Notification System

A technology to bring voice brokers in the FX arena into the 21st century

Electronic trading platforms have placed unprecedented challenges on the voice broking sector throughout the world over the past decade. The advent of electronic systems™ real time capabilities have offered traders in the financial sector new efficiencies in comparison to traditional voice brokered deals, which involve typing in deals, waiting for confirmations and running the risk of human errors.Yet there are technologies that allow voice brokers in the foreign exchange arena to step into the twenty first century. Direct trade notification systems have been on the market for several years. These are capable of providing voice brokers and traders within banks all they need to deal in real time.However, the majority of direct trade notification systems available on the market today are proprietary technologies created by individual brokers. The downside of investing in interfaces for this type of system is that a different platform is required within the bank to deal with each broker, resulting in...continued

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