Reuters announces next generation transaction strategy

Reuters has unveiled plans to help banks extend the reach and distribution of their tradable prices and liquidity over Reuters 327,000 desktops via a new advanced suite of electronic trading capabilities. These are a key component of Reuters transformation and will be a central feature in Reuters 3000 Xtra and Reuters Trader product families.Tom GlocerTom Glocer, Reuters Chief Executive, commented, “As banks and institutions and clients demand the aggregation of fragmented liquidity pools across asset classes, we see a great opportunity for Reuters. Our neutral platform has the scale, openness, and the community to help banks distribute their prices globally and cost effectively, while preserving their ability to differentiate and compete through their brand and depth of offer.” Reuters Fixed Income and Equities trading plans announced today will feature executable prices on a broad range of instruments and advanced algorithmic trading strategies from leading industry players....continued

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