BNP Paribas launches customisable displays on FX Dealer

BNP Paribas has launched fully customisable live spot price displays on the FX Dealer portal. This latest enhancement to the functionality on the FX Dealer Portal will allow customers to not only select which currencies they want to view, but also how they view them. The full list of live tradable FX prices coming directly from BNP Paribas traders can be edited by the customer, so that they display only the currencies they require.Alternatively, customers can specify to view rates by currency blocks, such as USD majors, Euro Crosses, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America. In addition to the live bid and ask rates, when detached in its own window, customers can format the display further by requesting additional information including the open, high, low and close, as well as the percentage change on the day. But, probably the most powerfully piece of functionality is the capability for customers to create and maintain their own list of cross rates, for which live prices are displayed....continued

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