Nick Dyne CEO of Logicscope
Nick Dyne CEO of Logicscope

Broadening client connectivity - improving back-office processing.

Nick Dyne identifies how the post FX trade environment still offers possibilities for exploiting the benefits of automation and technology.

Friends of mine that are not in the financial markets are genuinely shocked at how bad trade notification is – they don’t call it that, they just think it strange that their bank can update their account for a cash point withdrawal more effectively than many firms can be updated having traded $several million. I know that the two situations are not strictly comparable, but there is more than a grain of truth in their observation – pre settlement is the forgotten age in the life cycle of a trade. Forgotten except in the Interbank market, Reuters and EBS make a reasonable effort as do eSpeed and the voice brokers. Frankly, few in the interbank market would tolerate a trading platform that didn’t have post trade notifications as a reasonably easy plug in. This article touches on why it’s so bad and what can – and perhaps more importantly – should be done about it.The...continued

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