Regional eFX Perspective: Scandinavia.

Andy Webb looks at eFX within the region.

Andy WebbDaniel Darst“In view of its high-yielding currency, we’ve always seen a significant amount of FX activity from Norwegian clients,”Scandinavia has historically enjoyed the reputation of being a region where technology adoption runs ahead of the curve. (Online banking was an everyday event there when it was barely a glimmer in clients’ eyes elsewhere.) By and large, this readiness to accept new technology has also been reflected in the region’s rapid adoption of electronic FX trading. As elsewhere, STP and more transparent price discovery have been major factors in this. The opportunities present in Scandinavia have also not been lost on the multibank portals, several of which have been recently making concerted sales efforts in the region.As in other parts of the world, FX trading in general has been rising steadily across Scandinavia in recent years. Some of this activity has been on the back of trends common elsewhere,...continued

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