SG adds e-confirmation functionality to SGFX Trade

E-confirmation is a Société Générale Investment Banking service for its counterparts in capital market transactions that have subscribed to the on-line deal confirmation service which is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Using this functionality a customer can handle the validation process (confirmation,validation or refusal) very quickly and easily. All important transaction information is now listed directly on the front screen, and a mass validation is authorized.SGFX Trade is Société Générales proprietary Forex and Money Markets e-trading platform. It’s a monobank platform dedicated to the entire range of SG clients from SME’s to large institutional or corporate clients. The profile of current SGFX Trade clients’ has proved to be well beyond the geographical boundaries of Europe and that’s why SGFX Trade will be operational 24/24 in the near future....continued

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