Andrew Haines Vice President, Application Development at GAIN Capital Group
Andrew Haines Vice President, Application Development at GAIN Capital Group

Automated FX trade execution: the arrival of Retail API trading

Andrew Haines provide an overview of the opportunities API trading offers to Retail FX traders and what’s required to get started.

First Published: e-Forex Magazine 26 / Retail Forex Client / January, 2007

As the retail FX market matures, savvy retail traders are developing more sophisticated strategies and algorithmic models to manage their FX trading. Trading algorithms and auto-execution encourage a more disciplined trading approach by removing the emotions of discretionary trading. In contrast to professional traders, retail traders typically have other jobs that prevent them from spending day & night in front of a trading screen. Auto-execution allows traders to be more efficient with their time, offers more accurate trade execution and ensures they won’t miss a trading opportunity.Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) now offered by several FX retail aggregators are the vehicle by which the majority of these auto-ex deals are done. Similar to FIX with institutional exchanges, retail firms are providing APIs to their execution platforms because it is another channel to increase transaction volume. APIs also enable 3rd party vendors to bolt-on and add value to broker’s core trading...continued

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