CME expands e-trading hours for FX Options

CME has announced that it plans to offer side-by-side open outcry and electronic trading for the majority of its CME FX options on futures. From Monday, December 18, the following nine CME FX options, with American-style expiration, will be available nearly 23 hours a day on the CME Globex® electronic trading platform: CME Euro FX options, CME Japanese Yen options, CME British Pound options, CME Swiss Franc options, CME Canadian Dollar options, CME Australian Dollar options, CME New Zealand Dollar options, CME Mexican Peso options, CME Russian Ruble options“Electronic trading has fueled a compound annual growth rate of 34 percent for the past five years in CME FX products,” said Derek Sammann, Managing Director, CME Foreign Exchange. “With electronic trading of FX options growing 81 percent in the third quarter of 2006, we see options as an increasingly important part of our business.”...continued

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