Farid A. Naib CEO, FNX Solutions
Farid A. Naib CEO, FNX Solutions

Deploying an integrated cross-product hedge fund trading solution

First Published: e-Forex Magazine 26 / Viewpoint / January 2007

Hedge Funds are demanding when it comes to trading system requirements. They want systems that have comprehensive product coverage, are easy to deploy, feature highly automated workflow, and can expand to meet a changing business environment.Many hedge funds, even non-macro funds, trade a variety of product types. For example, a firm trading bonds may use futures to hedge interest rate risk or credit derivatives to hedge default risk. Trying to manage risk across different products in different systems is an impossible task, one that can greatly increase operational risk. Typically, in the absence of a well-designed technology solution, the fund is left with a largely manual process, relying on spreadsheets to consolidate data. Clearly, this is not an ideal situation. As a best practice, an integrated cross-product trading and risk management solution is needed. While a formidable task, some of new software offerings on the market today offer that and more. Here’s what you need to look...continued

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