Heather McLean
Heather McLean

Innovation in Retail FX: Improving the client trading experience

Heather Mclean talks to leading retail FX trading providers about the growing importance of providing value-added and customer relationship services to help maintain customer loyalty.

Retail electronic forex is experiencing a boom that is attracting a great deal of interest and those platform providers that focused on this area early on are now reaping the rewards of their dedication to this customer base. However, as the market has grown, so has the competition. The fight is raging between these established providers who are feuding amongst themselves for dominant market share, and also against the new market entrants that include smaller specialists as well as institutional-based businesses moving into this fast moving arena, such as banks.For those that have been striving to build a reputation and strong customer base in retail FX for some time, the new competitors are striking a chord. Keeping existing customers loyal to your product and brand is now a matter of life and death as new players move into the scene. As platforms increasingly offer similar levels of pricing service and access to liquidity vendors have been honing their products to increase customer satisfaction, and...continued

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