Heather McLean
Heather McLean


Heather McLean profiles e-FX within the country.

Neil Katkov“It’s the chicken and egg situation; the sell side will say there’s no demand for FIX from the buy side, but the buy side will say why should it demand something that isn’t supported by the sell side?”Historically, Japan has been slower to embrace electronic FX trading than other markets. According to research by Greenwich Associates, in 2005 only 31% of top tier buy side clients in Japan traded FX online, compared to 48% in Europe and 54% in the US. Yet this statistic is changing fast as clients recognize the compliance, efficiency and best execution benefits of trading foreign exchange electronically.Although there are no official FX statistics on e-trading activity and volumes within Japan, economic research institution, Yano Research Institute, has estimated total online FX customer accounts and deposits as of the end of March 2006 to be 330,349 accounts and 378,134 mio JPY in deposit, while those figures for the...continued

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