eSignal OnDemand - Filling a Gap in the FX Datafeed Market

eSignal has launched a delayed "snapshot" intraday and end of day analysis package with realtime FX (to be added shortly). eSignal OnDemand harnesses the power and resource of the eSignal database for $34.95 per month, with delayed quotes and charting on hundreds of thousands of symbols including equities, futures and forex. For one "region" only the price falls to $24.95 per month. Streaming Realtime single contributor FX quotes will cost an extra $20 /mth, representing eSignal's lowest ever price point for this data.

Global forex, equity and futures instruments and are available "on demand" plugging in automatically to eSignal's Advanced Charting Software. Delay on data is in the region of 20 minutes. Forex Data eSignal's rich forex database includes monthly, weekly, daily and intraday data on hundreds of cross rates. Cash EURUSD monthly data (reconstituted) go back as far as 1971 and other major currency pairs back to the 1980's. The eSignal Composite FX feed boasts over 200 contributors via its sister company, GTIS as well as various brokers and contributor pools such as Hotspot and MB Trading.  The package is simply excellent value for money, and promising early sales indicate that eSignal has clearly identified a significant niche in the datafeed market, bridging as it does the daily and intraday datafeed markets with an affordable alternative and high quality data input. Advanced Charting A comprehensive Advanced Charting package is included with eSignal OnDemand featuring over various...continued

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